I started using the platform DEGIRO following the suggestion from a co-worker. It took me almost six months to make this decision.

Background: It was during the 2020 lock-down relaxation event in Berlin, GERMANY that I was asking my co-worker on what are the financial opportunities since the interest on the savings account in Germany is very low as 0.01%. Which is not useful to even payback the yearly bank charges.

Experience: I had purchased two stock of ticker: APHA on the platform DEGIRO in February 2021. The stock was showing a positive improvement. Suddenly in April 30 there was…

If your text contains HTML tags you need to use the attributed text in order to display it in iOS. Otherwise it will be displayed as plain text without HTML formatting.

For example, I have the following text,

I need to display it on the iOS device using a UILabel. If I display it without changing the UILabel to a attributed text. It will display as follows,

plain text displayed in a UILabel

You can see that the HTML tag <u> which stands for underline is not being formatted and displayed as a plain text.

In order to solve this…

I recently watched the movie Career Opportunities (1991) and amazed by the fonts and colour schemes used in it.

In the weekend I decided to recreate them by using the fonts and colour schemes on a demo page to see how it will looks.

IMDb movie page link: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0101545/

Someone made a video of the end credits. If you have the opportunity watch the movie, if not you can watch the end credits on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8T3eWXjnhZU

The fonts, I found matching to the ones shown in the end credits,

  • The font used in the first name, I guess is Alien…

If your tests are passing on simulator and failing on real devices. Finding the issue that is causing the tests to fail on real devices is time consuming. In my…

If your code base still uses Objective-C as of August 2019. You might want to check if your application or library crashes if you are inserting wrong data type in a NSDictionary because the Objective-C compiler does not complain if the key and value data types are not the same as the expected data type in a NSDictionary during compile time. The crash will only occur during run time. The following are the run time scenarios for the crash occurence,

  1. Scenario: “If you writing a unit test to check if the input parameters are expected data types.”

2. Scenario: “If…

Currently, there are no code converters for converting Swift code into Obj-C code. If you have a project which is initially written in Obj-C and later a fork version of the same project is migrated into Swift. Code refactoring in both Obj-C and Swift can be quite tricky in case you started learning iOS app. development using Swift. In this article, I will be showing you how to refactor a code snippet both in Obj-C and swift.

The below code contains location of a file named “play.mp3” file which is being set to the constant path by using PathForResource method…

Code duplication is a common issue which violates the DRY principle.

In order to solve the code duplication in case of a if..else..if statement where the else statement returns void.

if..else..if statement with else statement returning void

we can use a ternary operator for example, ternary conditional operator (question ? answer1 : answer2 ).

In march 2018, I decided to focus on one language and master it. After having trouble finding job as JavaScript developer because every job description focused on a certain framework they are using at their company. After doing some research by reading articles and talking to other developers; I had chosen Swift language and decided to follow the roadmap of iOS developer.

Since I never owned a desktop / laptop from Apple. I had to buy a desktop / laptop in order to develop applications for iOS.

I set my budget as 400€ for 2018. Since I already wasted 300€…

Code deprecation error in playground when I was trying the example mentioned in the page 79 of the book “Mastering Swift 4 — Fourth Edition”.

The code snippet:

The following are deprecated in Swift 4,

  1. substring(to:)
  2. substring(from:)

you get error in playground to change the code and use String slicing subscript with a 'partial range from' operator.

I found the solution for this question on stackoverflow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45562662/how-can-i-use-string-slicing-subscripts-in-swift-4 solving the code deprecation error.

I used them as follows,

To split and slice a string in Handlebars; you need to register a custom helper for Handlebars. There is an example about how to register a custom helper for Handlebars in official Handlebars website https://handlebarsjs.com/#helpers

This is my custom helper

Which splits the url string

and slices it to return only the last part i.e. my username “akarshseggemu”.

You can use the custom helper in the hbs file like this


Junior Software Engineer | M.Sc. Computer Science from Technische Universitaet Berlin

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