Extending the MacBook Pro 13" storage on a budget

I bought a MacBook Pro 13" (late 2011) from my office. Because, i got used to working with a macbook pro 13" (late 2013) at my office. I work as a “solutions engineer for apps & games”.

I was searching on the internet to find out which settings are best suited for formatting a micro sd card; because, the storage capacity of my MacBook Pro 13" (late 2011) was only 120 GB SSD. I did not find any articles that are explaning about the storage options; except, the two support pages from Apple.

this support page from Apple explains about the scheme and format.

this support page from Apple explains about the sd card types (SDXC, SDHC) in MacBook Pro

From both the support pages by Apple; i formatted the micro sd card with the following options,

  1. Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
  2. Scheme: GUID Partition Map

After completion of the formatting, the micro sd card is now ready.

Extended storage space via micro sd card is the best option; rather than buying a new sdxc card.

Software Engineer | M.Sc. Computer Science from Technische Universitaet Berlin

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