How I created a habit of practising German every day on Duolingo over the past 60 days

I started learning German at ZEMS (Zentraleinrichtung Moderne Sprachen), TU Berlin in the summer semester of 2014. I finished German A1 that semester and continues my journey to complete other levels i.e. A2, B1, B2 and C1 in the following semesters. After completing German C1 at ZEMS, TU Berlin in the summer semester of 2016. I was not practising my German skills because my working language at the company I work in Berlin, Germany is English.

In addition to that I lost contact of my German friends in Berlin; as I was busy completing my masters program Computer Science at TU Berlin. Also, I quit dancing swing. Which made it difficult to find a common place to meet my German friends in Berlin. So I decided to practise my German skills on Duolingo.

It was not easy in the starting to practise German on Duolingo. As I was forgetting on daily basis to practise German. So I started to read articles on how to create a habit and keep it going. From all the articles I read; I found out that all of them have emphasized on the 21 days rule. Where anyone can create a habit and keep it going; if they managed the first 21 days. After the first 21 days, the new habit becomes part of yourself.

I struggles to manage the habit in the first 21 days. After several trials of failing and restarting the habit cycle of practising German. I managed to keep the new habit of practising German for 21 days. It was possible through a habit tracker. Which sent me reminders on a daily basis to make sure I finish practising German for that particular day. I used the Loop — Habit Tracker android application to keep track of my new habit of learning in the initial days i.e. 21 days. I like the application. Mainly due to the minimalistic design approach.

After 30 days, I stopped logging in the application and was able to practise German on a daily basis without any remainders. Here is the screenshot of my Duolingo profile. I managed to keep 60 days streak so far.

Here is a link to my Duolingo profile

Software Engineer | M.Sc. Computer Science from Technische Universitaet Berlin