Objective-C: How to display permission to track in iOS 14.5 and above in Objective-C?

#import <AppTrackingTransparency/AppTrackingTransparency.h>
  1. You need to add an if statement to check if the iOS version is 14 and above.
  2. Use the method requestTrackingAuthorizationWithCompletionHandler: to display permission to track.
    Note: This is permission will only be displayed once to the user during the first time the user has opened the application.
if (@available(iOS 14, *)) {
// Display permission to track
[ATTrackingManager requestTrackingAuthorizationWithCompletionHandler:^(ATTrackingManagerAuthorizationStatus status) {
switch(status) {
case ATTrackingManagerAuthorizationStatusNotDetermined :
NSLog(@"Unknown consent");
case ATTrackingManagerAuthorizationStatusRestricted :
NSLog(@"Device has an MDM solution applied");
case ATTrackingManagerAuthorizationStatusDenied :
NSLog(@"Denied consent");
case ATTrackingManagerAuthorizationStatusAuthorized :
NSLog(@"Granted consent");
default :
  1. The case ATTrackingManagerAuthorizationStatusAuthorized meant the user has authorised the application.
  2. The case ATTrackingManagerAuthorizationStatusRestricted meant the display permission is not shown to the user and also tracking is restricted.
  3. The case ATTrackingManagerAuthorizationStatusDenied meant the user has not authorised the application.
  4. The case ATTrackingManagerAuthorizationStatusNotDetermined meant the application cannot determine the authorisation status for access.



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