Objective-C: How to display permission to track in iOS 14.5 and above in Objective-C?

#import <AppTrackingTransparency/AppTrackingTransparency.h>
if (@available(iOS 14, *)) {
// Display permission to track
[ATTrackingManager requestTrackingAuthorizationWithCompletionHandler:^(ATTrackingManagerAuthorizationStatus status) {
switch(status) {
case ATTrackingManagerAuthorizationStatusNotDetermined :
NSLog(@"Unknown consent");
case ATTrackingManagerAuthorizationStatusRestricted :
NSLog(@"Device has an MDM solution applied");
case ATTrackingManagerAuthorizationStatusDenied :
NSLog(@"Denied consent");
case ATTrackingManagerAuthorizationStatusAuthorized :
NSLog(@"Granted consent");
default :



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